2022-2023 Uniform Dress Code
2022-2023 Uniform Dress Code
Posted on 08/15/2022

SDSA Uniform Dress Code  2022-2023

Bottoms: Tan or Navy

Casual Dress Pants or Shorts

No: Rivets, Tan or Navy colored denim, corduroy or bell bottoms

Shorts must mid-thigh in length or longer

Pants must be worn at the waist.

Casual Dress Skirts, Skorts, or Jumpers

All must be mid-thigh in length or longer

All must be worn with shorts underneath

Tops: Button Neck Polo

Solid Colors

No more than 4 buttons

No logo larger than a fist except SDSA logo

Long or short sleeve


Solid Color sweater or sweatshirt

No hood - THE ONLY exception is an SDSA Spirit wear hoodie

Must wear polo shirt underneath

No longer than fingertip length


Full toe and full back (heel)

Laces must be tied if present

High Top length shoes or lower

PE: - Grades 5-8

Solid or SDSA sweatpants or shorts (mid-thigh in length or longer)

Solid or SDSA sweatshirt or t-shirt

*Exceptions to this dress code may only be granted in discretion of school administration with approved documentation for a legitimate reason.

*IRSD Dress Code Policy can be located under Student Policies on irsd.net

*Gently used uniform pieces for sale at school for $1.00 each at all times. 

You can also purchase on www.landsend.com /School Code #900032707