2021-2022 Uniform Dress Code
2021-2022 Uniform Dress Code
Posted on 08/04/2021
SDSA Uniform Dress Code 2021-22.pdf

SDSA Uniform Dress Code 2021-2022
⮚ Bottoms: Tan or Navy
▪ Pants (with or without cuffs), shorts, skorts, capris, pleated skirts, jumpers
▪ Flat front or pleated; no rivets
▪ No form fitting pants/shorts/skirts
▪ No spandex materials, tan or navy colored denim, corduroy, hip huggers, bell bottom, cargos
▪ No shorter than 2” above the knee
▪ Belt- must be worn with belt loops (Belts must have buckles; No metal chain belts; No tassels) ⮚ Shoes: Flats or sneakers with full toe and full back/heel
▪ If shoes have laces, laces must be tied; No Boots; No Crocs
▪ Ankle height or lower
▪ Socks, stockings, or tights must be worn (Any Color; Any Style)
▪ No Leggings or footless tights
⮚ Tops - Solid Colored Plain: POLO SHIRT, TURTLENECK or MOCK (Short or Long Sleeve) ▪ Polo button neck
▪ No snaps, zippers, spandex material, sleeveless, visible holes
▪ Must be tucked in
▪ No type of logo, design, or visible label with the exception of our school logo; Must not be form fitting;
No contrasting stitching
▪ Solid white t-shirts may be worn underneath, but not seen
▪ No long sleeve shirts worn under short sleeve polo shirts
⮚ Solid Colored Plain: Cardigan Sweater or Crewneck Sweater or V-Neck Sweater Vest or Crewneck Sweatshirt
▪ No hoods, zippers or fleece, sparkle material – THE ONLY Exception is a SDSA Spirit wear hoodie to be
worn on spirit days only.
▪ Must wear turtleneck or polo shirt underneath
▪ Waist length
▪ ¾ length sleeve or longer

*Exceptions to this dress code may only be granted in discretion of school administration with approved documentation for a legitimate reason.

**Smocks must be worn during ART class; no painted clothing during core classes.

*IRSD Dress Code Policy can be located under Student Policies on irsd.net

(Special notes: Flip flops are not allowed on
non-uniform days and clothing must be free of tears and holes.)

*Gently used uniform pieces (tops and bottoms) for sale at school for $1 at all times.