September/October Students of the Month!
September/October Students of the Month!
Posted on 11/17/2022

Southern Delaware School of the Arts is proud to announce our Students of the Month for September and October of this school year. Our Student of the Month program is based on characteristics that our teachers use to choose one student from their homerooms each month. For September and October the characteristic used to choose students was EFFORT. Effort was defined as “students who work hard, apply themselves in their academics and persevere when school becomes difficult for them”.

The following students were chosen as Student of the Month from each homeroom.  We have also included what their teachers wrote about them:

K - Forney

Ellis Garrison

Ellis Garrison comes to school every day with a desire to learn. He gives 100% in everything and loves to learn new things. He always works hard and wants to be successful and what he is doing.!

K - Squillante

Benjamin McCabe

Benny McCabe is such a hard worker. He comes in daily and tries his best. He never gives up and perseveres when things are hard!

1 - Espada

Aliyah Satchell

Aliyah Satchell perseveres when she is challenged. She is always willing to accept help on assignments to better understand expectations. She takes advice and utilizes it to make her work and herself better. Her effort and knowledge show through her work. She does all of these things with a positive attitude.

1 - McCabe

Rolando Benevides

Rolando Benavides is hardworking, and never gives up. He perseveres until he has finished the task at hand.

2 - Purnell

Quinn Emel-Firestone

Quinn Emel-Firestone works so hard all day every day here at school and I am so proud of her. She definitely perseveres through challenges that she meets and is never one to give up trying or asking for help when she needs it.

2 - Strader

Amelia Kardos

Amelia Kardos is such a role model for working hard and not giving up when things get difficult. She takes her time and carefully approaches a task in class.

3 - Litchfield

Jaelynn Canseco-Parada

Jaelynn Canesco - Parada is a hard worker in class and always tries to do her best. Her quiet demeanor serves as a role model to other students in the class.

3 - McNeill

Kennedy Milspaw

Kennedy Milspaw is a wonderful student. She works hard and perseveres, even when the curriculum becomes hard. Kennedy was also our student of the week. She is an exemplary student.

4 - Allen

Sophie Hutton

Sophie Hutton is an amazing student. She is always working hard to do well on assignments even when she is struggling. She perseveres past her struggles and does very well in class. When she doesn't understand something she always asks for help. It is easy to give up when things are hard but she never does.

4 - Fischer

Lisa Drury

Lisa is a great student who never gives up. She works hard on every assignment and gives it her all. Lisa asks for help when she needs it and is always willing to go the extra mile and help others who may be struggling.

5 - Townsend

Ellie Taniangco

Ellie Tantiangco is such an amazing student. She continuously strives to ensure that her total effort is put into all of her class work. Even when she doesn't understand something she has no problem with asking for help, which is appreciated. She helps others when they need it and she is an amazing friend.

5 - Szymanski

Brantley Hardesty

Brantley Hardesty shows perseverance and effort in all areas of the day. She helps others and makes good choices in her social interactions. She brings a positive attitude to class each day.

6 - Lewis

Ava Johnson

Ava Johnson's efforts in class not only help herself, but also her classmates.

6 - Webb

Levi Layfield

Levi Layfield- Levi is always that one person who goes above to show his higher-level effort whether in class or offering a helping hand.

7/8 – Serafini

Kasyn Thomas

Kasyn Thomas is a hard worker with a smile on his face. He will try assignments on his own but will gladly take help when needed. He perseveres when it is difficult and will always try to get his work done.

7/8 - Bower

Ella Chafin

Quiet and polite, Ella Chafin is always hard at work. As the work gets more difficult, so Ella's effort increases. Her academic success is clearly linked to the level of effort she puts forth in the class and out.

7/8 - Swain

Chloe Tonge

Chloe Tonge always completes her work, advocates for herself by asking meaningful questions, and helps others.

7/8 - McVey

Kayla Trostle

Kayla Trostle always completes her work with a positive attitude. She works hard to help others if they are behind or confused as well.

7/8 - McCabe

Lorenzo Smith

Lorenzo Smith is eager to participate in class and is never afraid to put himself out there.


All students who receive the honor of being a Student of the Month will receive a certificate, have their picture posted in the school, and will participate in a pizza party at the end of the year.  We would like to congratulate all of our students who have displayed outstanding effort this school year!